Clubsport by AutoSpecialists Two-Piece Brake Disc Upgrade (PAIR) for Focus RS Mk3

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Clubsport by AutoSpecialists Two-Piece Front Brake Disc Set Up for Focus RS Mk3.

When it comes to upgrading a brake disc set up, due to either general wear and tear or purely for improved performance, our Clubsport two-piece set up is the perfect option.

The simple, bolt-on application is designed to directly replace the standard front brake discs and massively increase overall braking performance.


The standard brake set up: 

The Mk3 Focus RS was fitted with a capable road set up as standard, consisting of Brembo monoblock calipers fitted with four 38mm diameter pistons. These calipers are of high quality and provide very good clamping force. However, the 350x25mm single-piece discs that they are matched to are prone to warping due to excessive heat build up that they are unable to control or transfer during track and heavy fast road use.


What does our kit do? 

Our kit upgrades the brake disc with a direct replacement, two-piece item that matches the caliper’s high levels of performance. In doing so, once fitted with suitable uprated brake pads (fast road and track options offered), these discs convert the entire front brake set up to suit heavy track use without brake cooling issues.


Why are they better?

Our kit features the highest quality CNC machined discs for long term durability. The discs measure the same as standard for a simple fit, but are made from a high carbon, alloyed cast iron and machined with directional curved veins for additional cooling. As a result, they are able to withstand high temperatures for longer, offering improved thermal efficiency and therefore performance.

They are matched to anodised bells that further improves thermal transference capabilities and reduces the chance of brake fade over extended periods of heavy use on track or road.


  • Two-piece rotor & bell
  • CNC machined discs
  • Black anodised bell
  • No vehicle modifications required
  • Helps delay brake fade
  • Come fully assembled
  • Supplied with AP Racing bolts

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