Want to ask us a question with regards to a product? Here are some questions that are frequently asked by our customers! 


Q: Do you ship internationally / to all countries?

A: Yes, we do! We also offer tracked postage on most items shipped around the world. However, please note that some countries have longer delivery times than others, along with alternate shipping rates. You can find out more about shipping by visiting our shipping page! 


Q: Does Diversion offer a fitting service?

A: Yes! For a huge variety of our products, we offer fitting. From products such as spoilers, to steering wheels. Please get in touch if you'd like to know if we can fit something for you. The part can also be purchased elsewhere, and fitted by us in most cases, such as splitter kits for example.


Q: How do I know if this product will fit my car?

A: Our products have descriptions which will provide information on makes, and model years. If you are still unsure after reading them, you can use the contact us page to get in touch and we will be happy to help!


Q: Can I return an item I have used?

A: If an item has been un-boxed, and used / installed to a vehicle, we are unable to accept this as a return as this goes against our returns policy. You can read more about this on our returns and refunds tab. 


Q: How do I fit my dynamic indicators with the light show to my car? 

A: These indicator units can appear more complex than they are. 

To start, you'll need the appropriate tools for your car to remove the mirror glass, cover, front housing and the indicator unit itself. 

  1. Begin by carefully popping off the mirror glass and removing the clips to remove the mirror cover.
  2. Remove the housing of the mirror to gain access to the indicator unit if you haven't already.
  3. Disconnect, and remove the original indicator unit.
  4. Attach the plug for the new indicator, and press firmly to ensure it is in as much as possible and then find the additional wire that is attached. 
  5. If you have puddle lights (the small light under the mirror), this will require wiring into the positive wire on the puddle light (The + wire).
  6. If you do NOT have puddle lights, the additional wire will need to be installed into the door card, or another area on the car that has a wire that is live only when unlocking the car. (We strongly recommend professional installation) Connecting this to a wire that is always live, will cause the light show to repeat itself. Do not connect the wire to the indicator itself, as this will not work. 
  7. Test the lights before continuing. (Note that if wires into the puddle lights, these will only operate when the puddle lights do / when it is dark enough to activate the automatic lights)
  8. Place the mirror indicator into the slot where the original was and fasten it in securely with the appropriate screws. 
  9. Re-assemble the mirror housing, cover and carefully place the mirror glass back in. 
  10. Enjoy your product.

Please note that Diversion Stores LTD will NOT accept responsibility for damage caused by yourself, or anyone who is fitting the part to your vehicle. We recommend having the lights professionally installed at a garage / by a auto electrician.


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