We offer fitting on a variety of products including some of those falling into categories listed below:


  • Gear Selectors
  • Steering Wheels
  • Paddle Extensions
  • + Other


  • Spoilers
  • Splitters
  • Side Skirts 
  • Rear Diffusers
  • Canards
  • Mirror Covers
  • Indicators
  • Tail Lights 
  • Head Lights 
  • Under Glow Kits
  • Sun Strips
  • Alloys Wheels 
  • Spacers (HUB Centric Only) 
  • + Other

Under Bonnet: 

  • Bonnet Gas Struts
  • Engine Covers & ECU Covers
  • Support Bars

Performance Products:

  • Suspension Components (Varies) 
  • Brakes (Varies) 
  • Exhausts 
  • Turbo Elbows 
  • Induction Kits
  • Coil Packs 
  • + Other

We DO NOT Install:

  • Turbo Kits
  • Supercharger Kits
  • Airbag Covers / Casing 
  • + Other hardware that impacts safety / Requires alterations to other areas to be made

Prices will vary depending on the product in question. Please contact us with any fitting enquiries on the following:

  1. EMAIL: Sales@Diversionstores.com (Info.diversionstores@gmail.com)
  2. Instagram: @DiversionAutomotive
  3. Facebook: @DiversionStores


Changing products to enhance a vehicles performance can cause long term damage. Diversion Automotive / Diversion Stores Limited takes no responsibility for mechanical failure to a vehicle due to products installed. This work is carried out at the customers risk. 

Exterior mounted parts including splitters, side skirts, spats and rear diffusers are installed by our team using self tapping screws once holes have been drilled for install. If you wish for these to be installed using a different method, you must make this clear to a member of our team when booking your car in for fitting. Our team will further advise whether it is possible for this method to be carried out and the costs included for the chosen method of install.

Diversion Automotive / Diversion Stores Limited take no responsibility for the loss or damage of exterior mounted parts, including splitters, side skirts, diffusers etc, and do NOT cover under glow for failure due to the external factors including road debris surrounding these products. 

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