When fitting this gear selector head, you will need to follow the below steps. 

  1. Remove the plastic surround around the gator.
  2. Unplug the electrical plug (where required) and life the gator / fabric upwards away from the selector head. 
  3. You will find a metal clip, which will need to be removed. Do not worry about forcefully removing this, as the new one with your new product will replace it. Once this is removed / loose, pull the gear selector upwards. 
  4. Remove the gator by tightening the new small clamp around the ends of the original base. 
  5. Remove the small circular plastic attachment.
  6. Reverse these steps, and attach it to your new selector head. Using the clamp provided to tighten this in place once the selector is back on the metal rod. 
  7. When installing back to the rod, you will need to remove the plastic central piece to gain access to the end of the rod, which will clip onto the small internal rod in the head. 
  8. Once this is set up, press down firmly and test this is in working order.
  9. Secure the new selector head in place, and reattach the plugs, and gator to the base / centre console. 

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