The warranties that are set will vary depending on the product purchased. Below offers an insight into what warranties will and will not cover and their periods. All warranties are limited, and will not be transferred to new owners. 

Warranty periods

  • Vehicle lighting / Indicators, Tail Lights etc. (6 Months) - Some brands may not be included
  • Carbon fiber products (Manufacturer Defects Only / 14 Days) 
  • Spoilers, and exterior styling kits (Manufacturer defects only / 7 Days)
  • Performance products (Subject to manufacturers warranty, this will vary) 
  • Steering wheels (Manufacturers Defects Only / LED Displays 6 Months) 

Your product will NOT be covered under any warranties if

  • Issues are not reported in a timely manner (within given period)
  • The sale is final
  • The claimant is not the original purchaser / the item is sold on
  • You accept an offer & keep the item (Eg. You accept a partial refund offer)
  • The item has been tampered with in any way
  • Warranty seals / stickers have been removed 
  • The product is manufactured using carbon fiber 
  • The product has been damaged by yourself / the garage installing (Unless that is DIVERSION or a partner company / subcontracted garage)
  • If it is believed to be a non-genuine item, that was not sold by us 
  • The item has a manufacturing defect but has been installed to a vehicle (Unless approved by a team member otherwise)

Warranties may vary depending on the brand, and manufacturers warranty period. If you believe there is a fault with an item, you will need to report this within the warranty period displayed on the listing / product. Manufacturing defects must be reported within 7 Days of receiving your item. If no warranty period is shown, you may ask a member of staff to check this for you. 

Warranty Claims Process
  1. Familiarise yourself with the warranty period for your item (If this has a warranty period)
  2. Ship the goods you are claiming for to Diversion Stores Ltd (Unit 14, Barrowfield Business Park, Barrowfield Road, S63 0BF)
  3. Include specific details of what the issue is within the parcel and ensure you have contacted someone prior to returning the item. 
  4. Once received, checks will be carried out and the item will be checked for signs of tampering and the possible cause of the issue. 
  5. If the item is faulty, Diversion Stores Ltd will assign a specialist to repair the item.
  6. If not repairable, the manufacturer will be notified of any fault found and will come back to us with an approval, or rejection and a reason. (This can take up to 90 working days depending on item and claimed fault)
  7. If approved, a new item will be arranged and you will be notified of the next steps. 
Additional Information:
  • The buyer is responsible for all return and re-delivery postage until an item is deemed faulty.
  • If an item is found to have a fault, you will have return postage covered.
  • Receipts for postage must be provided and approved for reimbursement. 
  • Customs fees are payable by the recipient, however should not be paid on repaired items.
  • Warranties are only in place on NEW items where stated, that have been purchased from the website.
  • You must be the purchasing individual to file a claim. 

Carbon Fibre Goods

Whilst we provide fantastic carbon fibre goods, we do not offer warranty with these parts. Therefore, we need you to play your part too. A property to Carbon fibre is that it generally deteriorates at a higher rate than a normal plastic piece, and we would recommend PH neutral products when cleaning and additional care where possible. 

Exposure to intense heat may cause the carbon fibre to warp, and this will not be eligible for return or replacement. 

Once an item has been installed to your vehicle, we cannot accept a return for this item.

Warranty is NON-TRANSFERRABLE to a second owner. 

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