034Motorsport Res-X Resonator Delete - Audi S4 B9 - 3.0T

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034Motorsport Res-X Resonator Delete and integrated X-Pipe.

The 034Motorsport Res-X Resonator Delete and X-Pipe unleashes a throaty growl and exotic tone that exudes the sound of performance and warns bystanders that this isn't your average family sedan. The new aggressive exhaust note is accomplished by removing the heavy factory resonator and replacing it with a ready-to-install 

No welding required! This is a true bolt-in exhaust upgrade that eliminates the quiet factory resonator for a deeper and more aggressive exhaust note, and the incorporated X-Pipe works to balance exhaust pulses from each side of the motor resulting in a smoother exhaust flow.

Enjoy a more aggressive exhaust note with no noticeable drone inside the cabin at a fraction of the cost of more expensive cat-back systems.

- 304 Stainless Steel Construction
- Deeper, Aggressive Exhaust Note
- No Added Drone Inside Cabin
- Lighter Than Factory Resonator
- Completely Reversible Installation

What's Included:
- 034Motorsport Res-X Resonator Delete & X-Pipe for B9 Audi S4 3.0T
- Exhaust Clamps For Bolt-In Installation x 2

Application Guide
- 2017+ Audi S4 (B9) 3.0T

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