APR Exhaust Valve Remote

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APR Exhaust Valve Remote
The APR Exhaust Valve Remote lets you override the factory exhaust valve operation to fully open the exhaust valves at the press of a button.
Simple plug-and-play installation!

Press “ON” to open the valves fully.
To return to the original behaviour, press “OFF” and the valves will operate as if the device wasn’t installed.

This system works with both the factory exhaust and the APR Valved Catback Exhaust System, as well as any other aftermarket Exhaust that retains the factory electronic valves.

Suitable for the following vehicles:
- Audi S3 8V
- Volkswagen Golf 'R' Mk7
- Volkswagen Golf 'R' Mk7.5

Click the link --> HERE <--  to see the Installation Guide

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