APR Front Brake Discs 288mm - Mk5

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APR Direct Replacement Brake Discs are a plug-and-play upgrade for your factory brakes. They provide reduced brake fade, improved brake consistency, and excellent modulation, especially during repeated consecutive braking applications or spirited driving. The rotors have improved resistance to distortion, warping, and cracking at high temperatures.



Direct replacement front brake discs

Reduced brake fade and improved brake consistency

Improved initial braking response or bite

Improved brake modulation, especially during emergency stops

Improved resistance to rotor distortion, warping, and cracking at high temps

Slot pattern specifically designed to evenly distribute heat across the rotor surface

Slot pattern operates smoothly and quietly over a wide application range

Cast in Europe from a proprietary high carbon cast-iron alloy

Machined to tolerances up to three times tighter than the industry norm

Maximum Temperature Recording (MTR) system

Proprietary black, anti-contamination finish ensures no oils are transferred to the pads

Suitable for normal daily driving and spirited driving

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