ECS Tuning Heavy Duty Rear Shock Mount Kit - MQB

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The ECS Heavy Duty Rear Shock Mount offers significant performance to your vehicle's handling and long term durability as compared to stock shock mounts. With the increased durometer over the squishy, foam, OEM 50A durometer shock mounts, the ECS void-free 75A durometer rubber shock mounts will better resist deflection and premature wear that commonly plague the OE mounts without sacrificing ride comfort. This is a must have if you are installing sport springs, coilovers or when replacing rear shocks.

OEM shock mounts are known to wear within 100k miles, typically associated with annoying pops and rattles as the vehicle goes over bumps and uneven terrain. The ECS Heavy Duty Rear Shock Mounts are made to last, with their higher durometer over stock and precision to OE tolerances.



  • 75A durometer solid rubber bushing assembled with precisely controlled preload for superior durability and resistance to axial forces which cause the OE units to fail

  • OE style cast aluminum housing with a black E-Coat to ensure all surfaces are covered

  • Quiet, long-lasting, dependable operation


The ECS Heavy Duty Rubber Rear Shock Mount Kit includes the following:

  • ECS Heavy Duty Rubber Rear Shock Mounts - QTY 2
  • Shock Mount Dust Caps - QTY 2
  • Lower Shock Mounting Bolts - QTY 2

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