ECS Tuning Street Shield Tunnel Brace Kit Mk7/Mk8 Golf

Model: Front Wheel Drive (ES3221081)
Sale price£259.66 GBP


ECS Tuning Street Shield Tunnel Brace Kit Mk7 Golf

Protect critical chassis and exhaust components from damage, while reinforcing the chassis from rear tunnel to front subframe and provide a smooth undercarriage with our ECS Tuning Street Shield Tunnel Brace!

For the daily driver at stock height or the enthusiast with an aggressive suspension drop, our ECS Aluminum Street Shield Tunnel Brace adds peace of mind and protection against potholes, road debris and other predators looking to ruin your day.

Constructed from 5/32" (4.0mm) thick 5052 aluminum and weighing in at only 5.4kg, with built-in air ventilation, our Street Shield Tunnel Brace is sure to stand up to harsh road conditions.

Additionally, our brace encompasses the full length of the mid-undercarriage from the front subframe to the rear tunnel cross brace to provide complete protection and reinforcement. Conveniently this kit includes zinc-coated steel subframe hardware along with OEM coated fasteners. An aluminum adapter attaches the tunnel brace to the back of the front subframe for rigidity and ease of installation. 

Engineered and manufactured in the USA, you can expect nothing but the best performance and longevity with our superior Aluminum Street Shield Tunnel Brace from ECS Tuning!

This kit includes 1 aluminum tunnel shield and necessary hardware for installation.
Other products shown in photos are for reference and are available for purchase separately. 

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