Forge Recirculation Valve Kit for VAG 1.5 TSI

Colour: Red
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This product only works in conjunction with FMINDK35.


After the success of the FMDV22 Forge Motorsport has now developed a recirculating Valve option for the VAG 1.5 TSI engine. It uses our tried and tested FMDV008 recirculation valve, this valve has been with us for some time and has proved time and again to be tough, durable and ultra-reliable. By adding this valve, it prevents turbo surge and prolongs the life of your engine’s turbocharger.


As the engine does not have a diverter valve fitted as standard, Forge have developed a twin piston dump valve that not only gives you an incredibly loud sound when lifting off the throttle, but also increases the throttle response during gear changes by reducing turbo lag. It has been designed to help the turbocharger maintain its rotational speed ready for when you accelerate, whilst also taking the strain away from the impeller. Without removing this stress from your turbo, it could cause premature failure. Especially on engines and modified vehicles.


Like with all our valves you are able to customise it to fit your application with two uprated springs provided in the kit. Due to its clever design, changing the spring is a very simple process, simply undo the fasteners attaching the valve top and remove the spring. Its that easy!


•    Anodised CNC machined billet couplers and components along with a tuneable CNC machined twin piston Forge Motorsport valve

•    Custom colours are available but will incur a 50% none refundable deposit and a lead time of 8-10 weeks

•    Unlike other valves on the market the Forge valve will not bring on any check engine lights (EML) 

•    The Forge silicone hose in this kit has been designed to include a quality inner liner of modified silicone known as Fluorosilicone. This ensures the colour of the silicon hose stays bright and vibrant and unlike our competitors will not deteriorate over time

•    This means Forge Motorsport hoses are suitable to be used with modern long-life coolants, Organic Acid Technology coolants (O.A.T.) and oil mist

•    The construction of the hose has been engineered to exceed that of the OEM fitments

•    The use of a Fluorosilicone liner ensures that Forge silicone hoses are the clear market leader

•    Lifetime warranty


In the Box:

1x Recirculating Dump Valve

1x Boost Tap/take Off (Including Cork Gasket and Screws)

1x Throttle Body and Turbo Couplers

2x Silicone Hose (Red, Blue or Black)

6x Hose Clamps

1x Roll of Vacuum Tubing

1x Norma Adaptor Fitting

1x Blanking Plug 



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