IE Turbo Inlet Pipe for Audi 3.0T | Fits B9 S4 & S5

Turbo Inlet Adaptor: Stock Turbo
Intake Adaptor: Not Required (IE Intake Fitted)
Sale price£173.24 GBP



Upgrading our Audi 3.0L turbocharged engine with aftermarket upgrades such as ECU tunes and larger turbos adds fast and easy power, but demands more airflow in return. The factory airbox and turbo inlet are adequate enough for stock power output, but become a large restriction on engines with aftermarket upgrades that can restrict horsepower. Pairing an IE Cast Turbo Inlet Pipe to your IE Cold Air Intake completely removes the factory flow restriction allowing your stock or aftermarket turbocharger to breathe free and make unrestricted power!


IE's inlet design has been engineered as the ultimate turbo inlet solution. Only the best materials and design features were used for a high-end fit, function, and ultimate reliability.  

  • 23% higher flow over stock turbo inlet
  • 37.4% higher flow than stock with IE carbon intake (stock turbo)
  • 61.49% higher flow than stock with IE intake (hybrid turbo)
  • 4" effective inner diameter cross-section
  • 85mm inlet side to 66mm turbo side (before adapter plates)
  • Up to 19HP & 21ft-lbs over stock when combined with IE intake
  • Engineered for hybrid turbo flow-support
  • Direct bolt-on fit to stock and popular hybrid turbos
  • Cast aircraft-grade aluminum
  • In-house CNC machined for exact tolerances
  • Maximized shape and size for flow
  • Adaptable for stock or larger turbos
  • O ring sealed turbo flanges for a leak-free seal
  • Perfect addition for your IE Cold Air Intake
  • Stock intake silicone adapter available


Gaining more flow is all in the size and shape of the turbo inlet pipe within the constraints of the factory engine bay. 3D scans were taken of the engine bay and stock inlet pipe to identify the space available to work in. This allows us to maximize the flow characteristics of the design without running into any clearance issues or rubbing expensive factory hoses or lines. This results in a very large effective 3.25" (82.5mm) inner diameter taking up all available space for the most airflow physically possible.


The IE Turbo Inlet Pipe has been designed with future options in mind. The 3.0T is a very popular platform for modifications and with many owners looking into upgrading the turbocharger for even more power. What's the point of designing a performance turbo inlet capable of hybrid flow rates if it doesn't fit? Our adaptable design utilizes CNC-machined and o ring sealed adapter rings to fit either the stock or a variety of aftermarket turbos without hassle. Turbo upgrade adapter rings are sold separately.


The silicone adapter included is for a direct fit to our IE cold air intake kit (part number IEINCK3). An optional silicone adapter is available to adapt to the stock intake. This may also fit with some non-IE brand intake kits, a direct fit is not guaranteed and modification may be necessary. Not required when installing with an IE cold air intake, sold separately.

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