IE Turbo Inlet Pipe for Audi B9 SQ5 3.0T

Inlet Adaptor: Stock Turbo
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Upgrade your Audi SQ5 with an IE Turbo Inlet Pipe to feed your turbocharged engine maximum airflow and keep up with any power demand. Add up to 57.6% more flow over stock with an IE turbo inlet and air intake. Upgrading to a larger or hybrid turbo? The unique adapter rings fit the stock or a variety of aftermarket turbos without hassle while always adapting to the turbo not to introduce any restrictions and maintain the largest size possible. Fully upgrade your intake system and breathe free for unrestricted power!



  • Perfect fit kit for the B9 SQ5 SUV
  • 23% higher flow over stock turbo inlet
  • 44.2% higher flow than stock with IE carbon intake (stock turbo)
  • 57.6% higher flow than stock with IE intake (hybrid turbo)
  • 4" effective inner diameter cross-section
  • 85mm inlet side to 66mm turbo side (before adapter plates)
  • Up to 19HP & 21ft-lbs over stock when combined with IE intake
  • Hassle-free slip-fit retainer post design for easier install
  • Engineered for hybrid turbo flow-support
  • Direct bolt-on fit to stock and popular hybrid turbos
  • Cast aircraft-grade aluminum
  • In-house CNC machined for exact tolerances
  • Maximized shape and size for flow
  • Adaptable for stock or larger turbos
  • O ring sealed turbo flanges for a leak-free seal
  • Perfect addition for your IE Cold Air Intake


Gaining more flow is all in the size and shape of the turbo inlet pipe within the constraints of the factory engine bay. 3D scans of the engine bay and stock inlet pipe were taken to identify the space available. This allows us to maximize the design's flow characteristics without any clearance issues or to rub expensive factory hoses or lines. This results in a substantially effective 4" inner diameter taking up all available space for the most physical airflow possible.


IE Turbo inlets are manufactured from aircraft-grade aluminum castings and CNC machined in-house to manufacture the optimized shapes and unique bends required to achieve our turbo inlet's massive size and airflow. This process results in optimized performance, perfect fit, attractive finish, and incredibly durable design.


Building the ultimate sleeper SUV? Upgrading to IE's Stage 3 TTE710 setup or other hybrid turbo options is easy with our turbo inlet pipe. Our adaptable design utilizes CNC-machined and o ring sealed adapter rings to fit the stock or a variety of aftermarket turbos without hassle. The turbo inlet supports the flow for very high horsepower builds and makes your turbo install easy as stock..

Turbo upgrade adapter rings are sold separately.


There is no getting around it; our turbo inlet is HUGE! With such a massive design, clearances are tight, and the factory lower bolt location can be a frustrating bolt to install. Not with IE! For a hassle-free installation, our design features a billet aluminum retainer post that creates a leak-free slip fit for the bottom bolt making the process fast, smooth, and easy!


IE engineers have completely thrown out the factory plastic inlet design and started from the ground up to maximize performance. Utilizing advanced engineering techniques and industry-leading manufacturing processes, IE's Turbo Inlet Pipe takes full advantage of all available space with a unique shape to maximize airflow. This optimized design results in massive flow gains when coupled with an IE air intake system.

Back-to-back flow bench testing shows consistent airflow gains over the stock turbo inlet pipe.
The charts above details flow gains (CFM) over stock.


Since the IE inlet is designed to fit the largest space for high-flow as possible, the machine work required for the raw aluminum castings must be done with incredibly tight tolerances. Utilizing our own in-house CNC machines, each casting undergoes multiple operations and is verified with a strict quality control process. This ensures every inlet is shipped out with a beautiful machined finish and a precise installation.


IE's Turbo Inlet fits Audi B9 SQ5 3.0T V6 Turbocharged engines without any modifications or installation hassles. The install process is straightforward and can be done with basic tools.

Fitment is not verified on non-IE brand intakes without modification

Install time around 1 hour





2018+ (B9)

3.0T Turbocharged

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