P3 Cars Analog Gauge for A5/S5/RS5 B9

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The P3 Analog Gauge *This gauge IS NOT plug and play. Boost/vacuum hose to the engine is required and wiring needs to be completed for power, ground, and optional analog inputs.



4 Available Analog Readouts

Analog boost (yellow/purple/black - dedicated plug for analog boost sensor) *boost tap not included

Analog input 1 (brown wire - can read any 0-5 volt linear output sensor)

Analog input 2 (blue wire - can read any 0-5 volt linear output sensor)

Battery voltage (red wire / black wire - read through power and ground wires)

optional auto-dim feature (green wire - connect to any circuit that gets power only when the headlamps are on and enable feature in the configuration menu for the display to auto-dim when the headlamps are on)

Optional Add-Ons

OBD2 power/ground tap harness allows you to connect to power and ground through your OBD2 port without any wire splicing (does not add OBD2 functionality)

P3 ESVA (ethanol sensor voltage adaptor) allows your gauge to read ethanol content and fuel temp directly from any Continental/GM Ethanol sensor *Ethanol sensor not included

LC-2 Wideband o2 Sensor Kit allows your gauge to read your vehicle's Air/Fuel Ratio. Includes everything you need to add a wideband sensor to your exhaust.

Any Other 0-5 Volt Linear Output Sensor Can Be Read oil pressure, oil temp, coolant temp, air ride pressure, egt, etc...

OEM Vent Option

We install the display in an OEM vent for your vehicle to make your install even easier.

Analog gauge base kit includes

Integrated display

Analog Box control unit

Main harness

Hard-wire harness

Analog boost sensor *boost tap not included

Approximately 5' of 5/32" O.D. boost tubing with 5/32" I.D. hose at each end

3 zip ties

2 scotchlok wire taps



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