Porsche Boxster 718 MK4 LOW Clear Glass Wind Breaker / Deflector (2016 - 2021 UR-WINDSCHOTT)

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A cleaner, more attractive alternative to the windbreaker by PORSCHE. This stunning glass piece offers a sturdy, and secure install, accompanied by glamorous looks.

This piece is a direct replacement for the mesh insert, and fits directly between the rollover bars behind the seats. 

The windbreaker features reinforced glass, along side attached plastic inserts, lined with sound / vibration deadening padding. The padding eliminates the risk of breakage whilst in use, along with the likeliness of vibrations / rattling whilst driving, therefore offering a seamless experience.

This windbreaker works just as Porsches does, reducing drag, and wind whilst driving with the top down. The piece also allows clear visibility with the roof up, and down. 


  • LOW VERSION (Higher Version Available)
  • Replacement for Porsches insert
  • Improves top down visibility
  • Improves top up visibility
  • Looks fantastic compared to original 
  • Simple insert
  • Secure fitment
  • Sound deadening padding eliminate rattles
  • Reinforced glass with plastic moulded inserts 
  • Works perfectly when cutting the wind from the cabin 
  • TUV Certified (Approved for EU use) 

Compatible Models:

  • Porsche Boxster 718 MK4 2016 + All Engines 
  • Suitable for European, and non European (EG. US) vehicles

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