Racingline Logo Badge

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Colour: Bright Chrome
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Racingline Car Badge – Logo Design

Each badge is made from high quality injection moulded ABS, supplied with strong 3M self-adhesive backing for simple fixing.

Available in 3 finishes:

  • Bright Chrome 
  • Gloss Black 
  • Cupra Copper


Anything with paint…

Badge 1 edited

Thoroughly clean and degrease the area of your bodywork. Ensure completely dry.

Badge 2 edited

Locate your desired badge position carefully. Ideally mark the line with masking tape.

Badge 3 edited

Peel off the backing sheet and carefully position the exposed adhesive surface onto the bodywork.

Badge 4 edited

Now give the badge a firm rub down with a soft cloth to ensure all adhesive has stuck.

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