Rear Wiper Delete Plug - Glass Version With RTV Sealant - MINI All

Sale price$104.00 USD


Are you about to perform a rear wiper delete on your vehicle? This is the perfect piece to finish off that clean look.

It attaches to the inside of your hatch with silicone or any other sealant of your choice.  With the wiper motor and wiper arm removed this replaces the whole assembly.  You will either need to plug the hose behind the hatch trim or pull the fuse for the rear wiper function, thus deleting the rear wiper/wiper spray function. Never worry about replacing that wiper motor or broken wiper arms ever again. 

It will sit flush with the rest of the rear window for that clean appearance. Black side inserts from the inside glass and faces out.  Easy to install by installing at a 45-degree angle from side to side on the inside glass. 

Included in this kit: 

  • Glass insert wiper delete
  • Tube of Permintex RTV silicone black sealant

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