Universal Car Steering Wheel Seat Belt Lock (Anti Theft Device)

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 We all know that car theft is an ongoing issue, and that you value your car. This is a fantastic and effective way to protect your car from thieves. This steering wheel lock secures to the steering wheel of the car, and the seatbelt buckle and can only be removed using the keys provided, to ensure the steering wheel is unable to turn in the event of a break in and vehicle theft. This product will also reduce the risk of what is known as a 'chancer' from stealing your vehicle, as in most cases it deters the theft from committing to the theft of your vehicle after seeing the lock. 

  • Very simple to install and remove
  • Easy to store (glovebox size) 
  • Secures vehicle 
  • Acts as a deterrent 
  • A small price to pay for your pride and joys security
  • Solid structure
  • Padded to avoid steering wheel damage
  • Suitable for most vehicles 
  • Attaches to the steering wheel and seat belt buckle

It is recommended you use a steering wheel cover when installing a lock to the wheel. 

How to install the steering wheel lock: https://youtu.be/9imOR6Y2Wsc


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