VAGSport High Flow Intake Package 1.8T/2.0T Audi S3/TTS VW GOLF R/GTI MQB EA888 Gen.3 Engines

Style: No Muffler Delete, Add Blanking Plate
Sale price£208.27 GBP


VAAGSport High Flow Performance Panel Filter

Allowing your vehicle’s air intake system to operate more efficiently is always going to increase performance… so let your engine breathe with a performance air filter. Designed with Trifoam® filter construction, triple-layer laminate of open-cell polyurethane foam, a great value for money modification for a small power/torque increase.

VAAGSport 3″ High Capacity Air Intake Hose

3” internal diameter smoothly reducing to 2.75” gives an instant advantage over the turbulent corrugated stock item. This hose is oil steel re-enforced to make it extra rigid and prevent collapse when tuned Combine this with the VAAGSport high flow turbo elbow to really open your car’s airway. 

VAAGSport High Flow Turbo Elbow

Elegant design and practical gains. Removing the restriction to the stock IS38/IS20 turbo air flow is paramount, an increased dose of cold air to the turbo gives a extremely worthwhile power gains. Compatible with all 1.8T & 2.0T EA888.3 vehicles, the VAAGSport Turbo Elbow should be one of your first considerations for improving the vehicles air intake system. A great idea on a stock engine, essential on a tuned vehicle. Works even better when combined with the VAAGSport 3” high capacity intake hose and high flow air filter.

VAAGSport Turbo Muffler Delete (Optional)

Removes the turbulent OEM muffler on the turbocharger. The original muffler essentially acts as a suppressor reducing the turbo sound that tuners and drivers love. The VAAGsport kit has duel seals set into machined grooves so they not only ensure a perfect seal and no boost loss but makes the kit super easy to install.

Genuine Air Intake Rear Blanking Plate

Blanking plate for use on MQB platform intakes, used for the affectionately named “pikey R600” modification along with branded Turbo Inlet Elbow, Silicone Intake Hose and a Performance Air Filter.

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