Volkswagen Polo MK5 6C/6R Gas Bonnet/Hood Struts (2009-2017 Models)

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These bonnet / hood struts are designed to ease working under the bonnet, whether this be filling the washer bottle, or carrying out a repair / component replacement. The bonnet struts also serve the purpose of looks. The struts are easily installed in 5 minutes, and all parts required to do so are supplied. This includes bolts and screws, which attach both the bonnet, and the headlight bracket, with no modification to the car itself required. The gas struts operate by themselves once lifted off the latch. 

  • Fits Volkswagen Polo MK5 6C / 6R (2009-2017 Models)
  • Eases opening and closing of the bonnet
  • Eases working under the bonnet
  • Simple to install in under 5 minutes
  • Operates by itself once installed
  • All parts included. (Nuts, Bolts, Washers, Struts)
  • Improves vehicle looks, perfect for shows!
  • 6 Months Diversion Warranty
  • International shipping is available!

Customer Notice: When re-closing the bonnet, ensure you use 2 hands either side of the bonnet, or one on the edge to ensure you do not dent / crease the bodywork. Ensure you run a slow test, and determine whether all is correctly installed. DO NOT resort to slamming the bonnet closed as this may lead to severe damage to the bonnet. This part will be outsourced if not readily available with ourselves.

Please Note: Delivery period varies depending on stock levels, and delivery may be up to 2-6 weeks.

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