MMR Lowering Springs - F56 Mini Cooper S/JCW

Sale price$301.00 USD


The MMR Performance lowering spring kit delivers the perfect blend of improved handling, enhanced looks and all without sacrificing ride quality.

The drop in ride-height makes a huge difference to the handling characteristics; bringing the F56 Mini to life and making it feel lighter, more direct and with significantly sharper turn-in.

Thanks to the carefully selected spring rates the ride-quality remains unaffected and is actually nicer to drive at slower speeds, but push-on through the corners and the chassis really comes to life.

Finished in MMR grey, the lowering springs provide a drop at the front of 20mm whilst the rear sits lower by 25mm. 


  • Bespoke spring poundage for improved driving dynamics
  • Lowers vehicle by 30mm front | 25mm rear
  • Powder coated in MMR grey for a durable finish 

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