SuperPro Mk7 Golf ‘R’, S3/A3 8V 24mm Adjustable Rear Sway Bar

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SuperPro Mk7 Golf ‘R’, S3/A3 8V 24mm Adjustable Sway Bar

Two position fully adjustable sway bars allow for use of OE or aftermarket end links without stress or binding of the end links. SuperPro uses a 3 stage powdercoat process: zinc wash, epoxy coating, and 2 stage powdercoat.  These are bent and finished in-house and individually jigged for proper fitment.  Bushings and grease are included.


– Sharper steering means more driver confidence and safety.

– Better handling means better performance but also lower  tyre wear and less maintenance

– More grip is the ultimate goal and suspension enhancement for road, track and off-road  4×4 and 4WD environment

– Less Body Roll improves tyre performance, reduces wear and makes for happier passengers – safer too


– 1 Sway Bar

– 2 Brackets

– 2 Bushings

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