Volkswagen R-Line Badges (Front Grille Replacement or Rear Boot Badge)

Choose an option: R-Line Gloss Black and Chrome
Front or Rear: Rear Boot Badge
Sale price£12.11 GBP


Volkswagen R-Line Logo (Emblem/Badges)


  • Easy to fit
  • Durable
  • Self Adhesive Rear Boot
  • Full Replacement for Front Grille
  • Multiple colours available
  • International shipping available

Options available:

  • Self Adhesive Badge (Rear Boot)
  • Replacement Badge with Backing Plate (Front Grille)

Please Note for Self Adhesive: We recommend that the surface is thoroughly cleaned before installation. To remove your existing badge, we highly advise to avoid using metal wire or anything abrasive as this could potentially damage the paintwork around the badge. Glue and Tar remover is also recommended for removing excess adhesive once the badge is removed. 

Please Note for Front Grille Replacement Badge: We highly advise removing the Front Grille to remove the original and fit the replacement to prevent damaging the grille. Please also be aware that these badges are for all models and are all the same size and fitment but some models may require adjustment to the grille plate to fit the badge as this varies between models such as between Golfs, Polo's and UP. 

Please Note for All Options: Size may vary from original R-Line Badges for Both Front and Rear depending on different models.

Courtesy of Diversion Automotive / Diversion Stores Limited

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