The warranties that are set will vary depending on the product purchased. Below offers an insight into what warranties will and will not cover and their periods. 

Warranty periods: 

  • Vehicle lighting / Indicators, Tail Lights etc. (6 Months) - Some brands may not be included
  • Carbon fiber products (Manufacturer Defects Only / 7 Days) 
  • Spoilers, and exterior styling kits (Manufacturer defects only / 7 Days)
  • Performance products (Subject to manufacturers warranty, this will vary) 
  • Steering wheels (Manufacturers Defects Only / LED Displays 6 Months) 

Your product will NOT be covered under any warranties if: 

  • Issues are not reported in a timely manner 
  • The item is sold as seen
  • You accept an offer & keep the item (Eg. You accept a partial refund offer) 
  • The item has been tampered with in any way
  • Warranty seals / stickers have been removed 
  • The product is manufactured using carbon fiber 
  • The product has been damaged by yourself / the garage installing (Unless that is DIVERSION or a partner company / subcontracted garage)
  • If it is believed to be a non-genuine item, that was not sold by us 
  • The item has a manufacturing defect but has been installed to a vehicle (Unless approved by a team member otherwise) 

Warranties may vary depending on the brand, and manufacturers warranty period. If you believe there is a fault with an item, you will need to report this within the warranty period displayed on the listing / product. Manufacturing defects must be reported within 7 Days of receiving your item. If no warranty period is shown, you may ask a member of staff to check this for you. 


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